We know that the response to nutrition is personal. But is there also a meal that is bad for almost everyone? Over the past year, we have been able to help many people by maintaining their glucose levels. Because Clear participation has registered their meals and blood glucose, a lot of data is available. This allows us to test the knowledge of science against our own data in order to recommend our participants even better in the future. In this blog we provide insight into the average response to sushi which unfortunately is not as good as we might think.

In this blog we will disappoint and amaze many people with our data. Do you want to know how you can almost be certain that your glucose levels peak? Just eat sushi and you will be amazed. In the graph below you can see the average difference in blood glucose in the 30 minutes before intake to 2 hours after eating sushi. The blood glucose difference is the change in mmol/L of the blood glucose from the time of ingestion. A blood glucose difference of 1 as seen with sushi means that people experience an average increase of 1 mmol/L in their blood glucose eating sushi. We also see that this increase persists for a very long time after eating sushi. Could it be because of the all you can eat rounds in the restaurant? We think it is because of the white rice and sauces that are often in and over the sushi.

As always, there are different reactions to eating sushi and there are also the “lucky few” who peak very little on sushi (about 10% of our participants). We can cluster the responses to sushi. We call the associated reaction of a group of people a “cluster reaction”. The graph below shows the three largest cluster reactions: people who do (orange), a little (black) and hardly (gray) peak on sushi. For the people who do peak (orange) we see that this is a difference of almost 3 mmol/L. This is a very big increase and we would rather avoid it.

Are you one of the lucky few who maintain a stable glucose level after sushi? Start Clear now and find out for yourself!