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Hasna Chelhi: “With Clear.bio I can see the impact of other foods on my clients’ blood sugar levels.”

“As a dietitian in the dietician practice HRC, I like to help people find a healthy lifestyle that works for their health goal and that they can easily follow themselves. I also do the same for my clients with type 2 diabetes. To control their diabetes, we look together for a different pattern to eat, and sometimes also to exercise and relax.

From this passion and expertise, I became involved in a Clear.bio study through my practice. I thought it would be interesting to test whether my clients find it easier to adjust their eating pattern if they see for themselves how food affects their blood sugar.

My assumption was correct. Clear.bio not only gave my clients insight into their reaction to food, but also ensured that they changed their eating behaviour more quickly afterwards. For example, by paying attention to their carbohydrate intake.

And I experienced with Clear.bio what the effect of different foods was on the blood sugar levels of my various clients. It was also interesting to see how better regularity and carbohydrate distribution influenced blood sugar levels. Outside of this study, I mainly think along with my client and give advice. And with Clear.bio I can now see with my own eyes what the impact of different eating and drinking is on my clients’ blood sugar levels!

If people with type 2 diabetes do not realise what food does to your blood sugar, Clear.bio is a gift. With this tool, they see this immediately and are more likely to adjust their behaviour. Handy and effective. It is important that these people keep track of what they eat and drink in the app, and that they regularly scan their blood sugar via the sensor.”

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