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How can you be sure that what you eat is precisely what your body needs? You need to know exactly how your body responds to nutrition.

Food contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other micronutrients. These cause reactions in your body that we can measure via glucose and triglyceride values. An imbalance of these values ​​after eating a meal causes a risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other diseases.

Knowing how your body reacts to food is important to determine whether your diet is healthy for you. Many people do not know that carbohydrates consist of sugars and that these sugars are converted into glucose. Glucose is a fuel for the muscles, but any excess glucose is stored in fat cells.

Furthermore, glucose peaks are often followed by lows, which cause the well-known ‘after lunch dip’ that lead to cravings. Knowing which food results in low glucose levels and how to adjust your diet, will result in a better energy balance and a more stable weight!

In addition to nutritional advice, are you also interested in exercise advice? Check out our renewed Nutrifit (Plus) program! (currently only available in Dutch)


About our sensor.

The sensor gives continuous insight into your glucose level. Apply it to the back of your upper arm by using an applicator. This is painless and, with the help of a video, very easy. The sensor remains in place via a powerful sticker, therefore exercising and swimming is possible. To obtain a full glycemic image, the sensor must be scanned at least once every 8 hours. It can be used for 2 weeks, after which you can take it off yourself. To continue measuring your glucose level, get a new sensor.

How Clear works.

Phase 1

The sensor.

In the first week, you apply the glucose sensor (which we provide). You start entering your nutrition, your mood, movement and sleep in the Clear app. In this phase you eat and drink according to your usual routine. This is the calibration so that we understand your baseline.

Phase 2


You will discover your first food scores in the Clear app. These scores indicate how good a meal is for you. In this phase we advise you to try different foods and experiment with your dishes. In this way we discover which food is most suitable for your body.

Phase 3

Create your personal nutrition plan.

Your most suitable meals are important to you. You would like to eat these more often, so save them in the Clear app. Also discover what meals are not good for you. A clear overview in the app keeps track of your meals and helps you to build your own nutritional plan.

Would you like to have a more complete analysis of your health? The Clear Nutrifit(Plus) program might be a match for you! (currently only available in Dutch)


For the Clear Nutrition Programs, Clear uses the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system (FSL) from Abbott. The FreeStyle Libre is a medical device and is registered as such by Abbott. The Clear Nutrition Program is a non-medical application and falls outside of this registration. Abbott accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, durability and performance of this non-registered application. Results of the Clear nutrition programs should not substitute your physician’s advice. To seek professional help, please contact your physician.

Our nutrition- and science experts.

Clear Expert Joska Aerts

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  • Insights into your body's data
  • Personal food scores on your meals
  • Building your own nutritional plan
  • 2-weeks nutrition advice


  • Guided community
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