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How can you be sure that what you eat is precisely what your body needs? You need to know exactly how your body responds to nutrition and how it digests the foods and drinks you take.

But how do you know? By measuring the spiking of your glucose levels after eating and drinking. These spikes, as well as the speed by which your glucose levels return to normal – your glycemic response – are an important measure of your metabolism and health.

Nutrition causes different responses in different people (even in identical twins!).

About the program.

Phase 1

The sensor.

In the first week, you apply the glucose sensor (which we provide). You start entering your nutrition, your mood, movement and sleep in the Clear app. In this phase you eat and drink according to your usual routine. This is the calibration so that we understand your baseline.

Phase 2


During the second week you keep measuring your glucose. We will also ask you to experiment with food that is not in your routine. This allows us to understand the level and diversity of your body’s responses to food.

Phase 3

Your personalized nutrition plan.

In the third phase we have collected you data. You will receive a report in which we inform you about your preferred foods. In an optional debrief with our certified Nutritionist we explain you your results. You are now able to choose foods that are best for you personally!


For the Clear Nutrition Programs, Clear uses the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system (FSL) from Abbott. The FreeStyle Libre is a medical device and is registered as such by Abbott. The Clear Nutrition Program is a non-medical application and falls outside of this registration. Abbott accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, durability and performance of this non-registered application. Results of the Clear nutrition programs should not substitute your physician’s advice. To seek professional help, please contact your physician.

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What's included:

  • Online starting package (via email)
  • Glucosesensor (per post)
  • Access to the Clear App
  • Your personalized nutrition plan
  • Insights into your body's data
  • Glycemic scores of your nutrition
  • 2-weeks nutrition advice


  • Guided Facebook-community
  • Online debrief with certified Nutritionist
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