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About us.

Our mission is to help you understand your body so you can make thorough decisions about your lifestyle.

Madelon Bracke, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Madelon holds a PhD in cell biology. She is working as scientist in immunology, hematology, pharmacoepidemiology and regenerative medicine. At Clear Madelon uses her knowledge and experience to translate the latest scientific research into useful insights for our participants.

Piet Hein van Dam, PhD Chief Executive Officer

Piet Hein is passionate data entrepreneur. He uses data and science to give customers insights. Piet Hein has started with Clear to help people understand their biology, so that they can make more informed decisions in their life.

Meet our nutritionexperts.

Nutrition expert Jim Leseman.
Customer support Joska Aerts.
Data scientist Jacqueline Heinerman, PhD.

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What's included:

  • Online starting package (via email)
  • Glucosesensor (per post)
  • Access to the Clear App
  • Your personalized nutrition plan
  • Insights into your body's data
  • Glycemic scores of your nutrition
  • 2-weeks nutrition advice


  • Guided Facebook-community
  • Online debrief with certified Nutritionist
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Clear Expert Joska Aerts

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