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How it works

Step 1

Apply the Clear sensor

Step 2

Eat a varied diet

Step 3

Build your own nutrition plan


About the sensor

The sensor gives you continuous insights into your glucose levels and lasts for 14 days. Attach the sensor to the back of your upper arm using an applicator. Placing the sensor is painless and, with the help of a video, very easy.

Thousands of people already followed! Clear has analyzed 5.138.701 glucose moments to date and generated 275.288 Food Scores (your personal response to your meal). A banana has an average response of 82. Sushi works less with an average score of 53. Learn how these products work for you!

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Food determines your energy, health and weight

Few people know that high glucose levels are worse than high blood pressure.


Clear’s scientific program tells you directly which foods increase your glucose levels.


Discover the best way to fuel your body, so that you experience the day full of energy!

phone Track your glucose levels See your food score

Learn your unique responses to food

See whether a meal is good or bad for you with the Food Score functionality.

One-to-one support from your nutrition expert

Chat with your nutrition expert in the app for answers to all your questions.

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Save your favorite meals

Receive personalized food advice

Easily store your favorite meals in the app and optimize your diet.


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