customer satisfaction

Marius (76): “Clear.bio made it very clear to me what an enormous influence food has on my glucose values.”

“Because I have type 2 diabetes, I wanted to get a better idea of the progress of my blood sugar level during the day, and the impact of food intake on these levels. After 2 weeks of Clear.bio, it became clear to me what an enormous influence nutrition has on my blood sugar.

An example. When I eat french fries, my values skyrocket! Of course, I already knew that my blood sugar levels rise because of carbohydrates, sugar or chocolate. But because you immediately see the response of your blood sugar on everything you eat and drink in an app, this captures much more my imagination. It‘s so clear and concrete to me, in this way.

This check has given me many insights into the effect of nutrition and exercise on the progress of my blood sugar. And thanks to the nutrition tips I now have fewer and lower peaks than before. And I still eat spaghetti…only now with whole wheat strings.

If I may give Clear.bio one tip, I would like to have the manual on paper. Then I can also read it while sitting in my chair. And I would like to ask Zilveren Kruis if they could also give me some compensation if I continue to use Clear.bio.”