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Are you a dietitian, lifestyle coach or sports coach? Do you think innovation within your practice is important and do you strive to give your client the best and most personalized advice possible? Then, work with Clear now.

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How it works

By means of our revolutionary blood glucose sensor and app, we provide insight into the personal reaction to nutrition based on data and science. Not only gaining insight into your personal reaction to nutrition, but making the translation into how you can apply this in your daily life with factors such as sleep, stress and sports included is important.

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Through the system you get insight into the diet of your client and their personal glucose reaction. By understanding your own biological reaction to food, your client gets extra insights and motivation to improve their health. In this way, Clear becomes an extension and provides extra depth to your nutrition and health advice.

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Clear.bio's scientific base

How do you know what’s good for you? The answer lies in understanding how you react to food.

Food contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other micronutrients. These cause reactions in your body that we can measure via glucose values. A disturbed balance of these values after diet, are risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.


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