customer satisfaction

Robert (38): “Changing my lunch makes me feel much better, every day.”

“Health is really important to me. I have a lot of trouble with my eyes, and I’ve been overworked in the past. I devote time and attention to my health. That is why I’ve purchased the additional health care package Extra Vital at Zilveren Kruis.

When I noticed that the Clear.bio Check was reimbursed, I became curious and wanted to do that Check. As an experiment. I’ve always had the idea that certain foods are not good for me. I wanted to measure that.

14 interesting days followed. I ate what I normally eat, and saw that my lunch (4 pieces of bread) caused my blood sugar to fluctuate, basically the rest of the day. With the nutrition tips I received from Clear.bio, I turned my lunch into a rich salad. This kept my blood sugar stable, I snacked less after lunch and I felt much chiller and better throughout the day.

The advice of the dietician in the chat was really good. I received many tips on how to improve the meals to which my blood sugar did not respond well. Nowadays, I eat more complex carbohydrates such as legumes. In this way, I keep a saturated feeling for a longer period.

I am very happy that Zilveren Kruis now reimburses Clear.bio. I recommend the Check to everyone. Really! When my colleagues ate sweet rolls during a New Year’s breakfast, I thought: “No, I shouldn’t do this, because then my blood sugar already starts fluctuating in the morning.”

Preventing diseases is so much better than curing them. This Check certainly contributes to that. I’m convinced of that.”

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