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Review Clear.bio Bea

Bea (65): “I have reduced my Type 2 Diabetes medication”

“Lately I had to take more and more medicines to keep my type 2 diabetes under control. Also gained a few pounds. That while I have been watching my diet for years and also exercise enough. I cycle for 10 minutes on my exercise bike twice a day. I also walk a lot. But somehow my disciplined way of life stopped working. Did I do the right things?

Thanks to Clear I made some new discoveries! The rye bread that I ate for lunch every day, and which was even recommended to me by a dietician, didn’t work well for me. My blood sugar rose sharply after this meal. My breakfast, low-fat yogurt with oat bran, didn’t seem to work either. I now have delicious alternatives: full-fat Greek yogurt with seeds, seeds and berries, and a delicious salad for lunch. I was also very surprised that I can eat dark chocolate better than carrots. 2 times 10 minutes on an exercise bike turned out not to work. 1 30 minute walk. I now also know how to eat sushi in a restaurant in a responsible way (with a limited sugar peak). I also found out that intermittent fasting works very well for me.

But best of all: within 3 months I have lost 7 kilos, my medication has been reduced and I’m brimming with energy again!”

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