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Klantverhaal Erna Mulder

Erna Mulder (59): “The result was wonderful: more stable glucose levels!”

“My day is very structured. I make sure that – besides my job as a school leader in secondary education – I exercise enough every day. I take at least 10,000 steps a day and do functional strength training twice a week. I consciously schedule relaxation and try to experience as little stress as possible that way.

I also go to bed on time so that I get enough sleep, and I pay a lot of attention to preparing my food. I had to get very used to type 2 diabetes taking some spontaneity out of my life, but these daily routines make me feel good now.

When preparing my meals, I follow the general dietary guidelines. But because I was curious to know how my body reacts to specific foods, I joined Clear.bio. For instance, I learnt that my blood sugar reacts very strongly to fruit. I even peaked on berries and strawberries, even in combination with full-fat yoghurt and nuts. In addition, slow carbs like oatmeal also caused increased blood sugar levels.

Since I really like fruit, on the advice of Clear.bio’s dieticians, I started experimenting with when I eat fruit. I now know that my body responds better if I eat fruit at the end of lunch instead of in the morning.

What I like about Clear.bio is that I can see what specific meals mean for my blood sugar levels and how exercise, sleep and stress affect my blood sugar levels. It’s not a snapshot, like blood tests. Moreover, the scores on the meals give me a lot of insight. The weekly report in which you see in a handy overview which meals are and are not good for you is useful: it gives even more information and nutrition tips, and works very motivating for me. I really like the self-direction.

Clear.bio gives personal and expert advice on managing type 2 diabetes. This was completely tailored to my personal situation and the result was worth it: more stable glucose values!

In short, Clear.bio provides more insight into what certain foods do to your blood sugar levels. You save a lot of healthcare costs in the long run, because you can adjust your meals faster, thus reducing the risk of complications. Your blood sugar levels become more stable and your quality of life improves.”