customer satisfaction

Marjolijn (46): “It’s very useful to see what food does to my blood sugar. And those tips really help me to eat healthy at home.”

“I am going to a period in life where my hormones will be changing. I want to make sure that I don’t gain weight and do stay healthy. After listening to a podcast about precision nutrition, I became curious how my body would react to everything I eat and drink, and which meals would (not) cause blood sugar spikes. So, when Clear.bio Check was reimbursed by Zilveren Kruis Extra Vital, I immediately decided to participate.

I was happy to see in the Clear app that I respond well to my breakfast. I also find out – for example – that certain vegetables have a huge impact on my blood sugar. Fortunately, the nutritional tips I received, were very valuable. An example. My family loves eating potatoes, meat and veggies. I don’t want to eat something different than them. So, my dietician explained to me to change the order of food intake for a better blood sugar management. Now, I eat vegetables first, proteins and fats second, and carbohydrates third (and then a little less than before).

Today, I know how I respond to food, and how to eat healty at home. But – to be honest – I believe this Check should last longer than 2 weeks. I would have liked to experiment more with nutrition and see its effect on my blood sugar.

In our society, healthy eating is not self-evident. You are bombarded with all kinds of unhealthy things. Clear.bio is an alternative to stay healthy with food. It is therefore very good that Zilveren Kruis reimburses this check.”

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