customer satisfaction

Wendy Kischemoller (59): “Clear.bio really gives an incentive to improve your lifestyle.”

“As a practice nurse for general practice somatics, I see all chronic patients on average every quarter, including people with type 2 diabetes.

People with type 2 diabetes are treated in our practice according to the NHG standard. This means that they will be pricked and that their blood pressure will be measured. We also give advice on how to regulate their weight with a healthy lifestyle. The main spearheads are exercise and nutrition.

The blood glucose sensor that patients with type 2 diabetes can use is currently only available for diabetics who inject insulin. While I believe that this sensor can also provide a lot of insight to prediabetics and diabetics who do not use insulin. Understanding their blood sugar levels and weight loss. That is why our practice participated in the clinical research of Clear.bio in Rotterdam.

Thanks to this research, we have been able to use the Clear.bio treatment in a large group of people with type 2 diabetes. We especially gained insight that every person is unique and, for example, also has its own metabolism (the way and the speed at which your body converts calories that come in through food and drink into energy).

The most important thing that we and our patients with type 2 diabetes have learned is that the type of food, the time of eating and exercise affect your blood sugar. In addition, patients become much more aware of what actually happens in their body when they eat or drink something. It is really an incentive to improve your lifestyle.

My motto is always: prevention is better than cure. That’s why I absolutely support Clear.bio. It makes my work even more interesting, because as a professional I go much more in-depth with my patients. Moreover, I can follow their daily trends and this allows me to advise my patients in a much more targeted way.

It would be nice if Clear.bio became accessible to all prediabetics and diabetics!”