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Review Jacqueline Clear.bio

Jacqueline (48): “A cup of chocolate milk spikes my blood sugar!”

“I developed type 2 diabetes during my time as an entrepreneur. It was busy busy busy. I didn’t take enough time to eat healthy and exercise. Due to stress, I rewarded myself with good food. After that I followed all kinds of diets, but my weight kept fluctuating. I also wanted to get off the drugs. I noticed that the side effects bothered me more than they helped me to lower my blood sugar levels. Enough reasons for me to join Clear.bio.

For two weeks I wore a sensor on my upper arm. At any time of the day, I could see my blood sugar status in the Clear.bio app. You immediately see what a meal or exercise does to you. Nutrition really works differently for everyone. A piece of 70% dark chocolate did nothing with my values. But they did skyrocket with hot chocolate from the vending machine! And that’s how I learned that the order of eating proteins, fats and carbohydrates affected my sugar.

The best thing about Clear.bio was that I could always communicate quickly with a dietician. Just app or call if I had a question. She also gave me many valuable tips. For example, one day I got a chat on the app that said: “We saw that you took a handful of chips last night. This is not going to cooperate with (…). We would like to advise you as an alternative (…). Awesome! Not offensive, but thoughtful.

If you want to know what food does to your blood sugar levels, I recommend Clear.bio. It is based on science and easy to use. You quickly become an expert in what works for you and what doesn’t. In addition, the short lines of communication with the dietitian lead to quick results without going too fast.”

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