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Review darter Raymond van Barneveld

Raymond van Barneveld (54): “I’ve lost 2.5 kilos already.”

“I am a professional darter and have been struggling for years with obesity, stress around my sport and type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes you just don’t know. Sometimes your blood sugar is too high and other times too low. Am I eating and drinking the right things? Or not? Actually, you never know and I don’t like the needle pen to check how high my sugar is either.

Clear.bio allowed me to see which foods cause a spike in my blood sugar and which foods keep my blood sugar stable.

The dietician’s tips helped me a lot. If a certain product caused a spike, she suggested an alternative. For example, to eat wholemeal brown bread instead of white bread. And to eat fruit later in the day instead of in the morning.

I now pay much more attention to what I eat and drink. This works perfectly for me. I have already lost 2.5 kilos, which is great. I recommend Clear.bio to anyone with diabetes!”

Watch and listen to Raymond tell his story of experience in the video 👇