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Aygin “Finally a personalized Nutrition plan”

I started Clear because I often had a stomach ache after eating , which was quickly accompanied by an energy dip that I couldn’t get out of so easily. I also found it very interesting what Clear focuses on: a tailor-made diet! Because you often get tips on what to eat or not to eat, but you have no idea if that works for YOUR body.

The program is also very clear, we started with a group all at the same  time. Everyone had a different goal and different dietary needs (vegan, athlete, etc) and the program manager Jim always took this into account.

In the first week of the program I just ate everything I would usually eat (also in terms of quantity and frequency). Sometimes it was quite confronting to see (through the sensor and Clear app you can immediately see what the food you just ate does to your body) that you get a huge spike in your blood sugar level from what you ate, making you feel almost guilty. But the first week is mainly to get to know your body.

In week 2, I mainly started experimenting. Food that had a negative effect on my body in the first week was replaced by similar things (e.g. mayo was a big NO-NO for me, so I tried ketchup or vegan mayo). The program manager also gave some tips like ”let’s all try a banana today” or if I showed a spike on pasta, he suggested an alternative. That worked very well so at the end of week 2 you know a lot about which foods work well for you.

I learned a lot from it and I still apply it now. Or if I want to ignore it for a moment, at least I know where my energy dip or stomach ache comes from 😉

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