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Clear.bio compared to recent reviews and meta-analyses

“You cannot unlearn what you have learned,” is the belief of Madelon Bracke, CSO of Clear.bio. Results from the Eating-Measure-Weten Follow-Up show that the (periodic) use of a sensor for diabetes 2 in combination with concrete and applicable nutritional and lifestyle advice can ensure that the effect of the treatment is significant at the moment itself. and that what is learned sticks and becomes routine.

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The figure shows that the 3-month Clear.bio treatment leads to an almost 3x greater improvement compared to results described in recent reviews and meta-analyses: a reduction of 11.6 mmol/mol³⁴ on average.

As described, people with type 2 diabetes are able to improve their glucose levels with an HbA1c reduction of an average of 3.5 mmol/mol when they use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)1 for 3 months. A similar result can be achieved when a digital diabetes management program is followed for 3 months 2.

In the Clear.bio treatment we periodically use a glucose sensor, visualization of the effect of nutrition in the Clear app and personalized and applicable advice.

A solution that is on average about 4-5x cheaper than the alternatives, but shows almost 3x more effectiveness.


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