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Clear is part of the Top 5 finalists of the Blue Tulip Awards

We are very happy we made it! We are one of the top 5 finalists of the Blue Tulip Awards. Clear will help in the daily struggle with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, we are on target for sustainability development goal 3.4: by 2030 we will reduce pre-mature mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by one-third through prevention and treatment, and promote mental health and wellbeing.

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Clear. by Clear.

It has been scientifically proven that everyone reacts differently to food, which is why there is only one diet that works for you: your personal data-driven diet. With personal glucometry you can track changes in your blood sugar levels after your meal. A stable blood glucose value increases your energy, reduces hunger, and reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

DEARhealth by DEARhealth

DEARhealth’s AI-powered software generates continuous recommendations for daily care using disease specific data and real world patient data to significantly improve health outcomes; leading to drastic reductions in physician workload, hospital admissions, and relapse rates.

Founda Health by Founda Health

Founda Health takes away the interoperability barriers in healthcare by supporting hospitals with their digital innovation initiatives and improving collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. With the Founda platform, hospitals get access to the digital innovations they need. Applications get the opportunity to deliver their solution to multiple hospitals around the globe and systems can offer their customers a fully integrated eHealth application store.

Post-ICU journal by Games for Health 

In the Netherlands 85.000 patients are admitted into an ICU. A radical event that can lead to physical and psychological problems known as PICS: Post Intensive Care Syndrome. Post-ICU is a digital journal (a diary) for patients in the ICU. The journal is written by nurses and loved ones and prevents developing the Post Intensive Care Syndrome. It is already implemented in 15 hospitals and will be in 20 hospitals before the end of 2021, it is also reimbursed by healthcare insurers and is currently making its first steps in the US.

RiboParticles by RiboPro B.V.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) has played a crucial role in fighting the Corona-crisis as the never-before-used active ingredient in vaccines. Empowered by this success, scientists are now using mRNA to deliver the next medical revolution, bringing more precise cancer therapies, personalized medicine, and new hope for the chronically ill. Crucial to this mission is access to high-quality mRNA encapsulated in safe delivery vehicles, which RiboPro provides under a model focused on bench-to-bedside success.

These innovations will continue towards the Finals: Run the Show on November 30 where they have a final chance to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. At the end of the day the long-awaited winners per theme are presented!