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Combineer koolhydraten met vet, eiwitten en vezels

Combine carbs with protein, fat and fiber

All the carbohydrates you eat and drink break down into glucose and raise your blood sugar. How high it gets and how fast it rises depends on the amount, but also on other factors such as exercise, sleep and stress.

If you want to lower your blood sugar, it is therefore important to eat fewer carbohydrates per meal. But is this possible and how do you do this? We explain it to you.

Add proteins, fats and fiber to avoid hunger pangs

Don’t you get hungry if you eat less pasta, rice or bread? Not if the meal contains enough proteins, fats and fibers! These provide satiety.

For example, whole wheat pasta (fibers) with a sauce of meat or meat substitute (fat and protein) and vegetables (fibers) fills you up longer than white pasta with only tomato sauce.

And the more satiating a meal, the easier it is to reduce your carbohydrate portion.

So no extra sandwich, but extra savory toppings. Stack up! Not just a thin layer of cream cheese or dairy spread, but also a slice of salmon, chicken, avocado or grilled vegetables. And not only a slice of cheese, but also a boiled egg and a tomato. Fill savory and generously and/or eat extra vegetables.

Proteins, fats and fibers make your blood sugar rise less quickly

In addition to satiety, proteins, fats and fiber also ensure that your food stays in the stomach longer. As a result, the absorption of glucose slows down and your blood sugar rises less quickly.
For example, the carbohydrates from milk are absorbed more slowly than the carbohydrates (read: sugars) from cola due to the presence of protein and fat.

Therefore, always combine the carbohydrates you eat with proteins, fats and fibers for a more stable sugar level.

Make sure your meals contain protein-rich products such as meat, chicken, fish, crustaceans and shellfish, legumes, unsweetened (vegetable) dairy products, cheese and eggs.

So add a few tablespoons of (vegetable) yogurt or quark to your portion of fruit or eat a handful of nuts.

Or make a tasty omelette with vegetables and cheese and eat it with a fiber-rich cracker. Tasty for yourself and better for your blood sugar!

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