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Debbie “Looking forward to getting started for a year!”

I have been involved in nutrition for years. First to lose weight, later on to live a healthier life.
There are so many theories as to why something is or isn’t good for you, who or what should you believe? I wanted to know what works well for my body, not the standard stuff. Then I ran into Clear. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Would this work and how? And does it make sense for 2 weeks? Finally I did it and it was interesting! It was very nice to see how my body reacts to food. After 1 week I was already sad that it was only for a week. Still only 2 weeks left. This allowed me to experiment even more with food and exercise.

The nicest thing I’ve discovered is that lasagna works well for me and oatmeal, which I only ate because I thought it was healthy, didn’t work again. The tip to fast in a 16:8 regime works well for me too. Biggest benefits: More energy and less bloating.

Very nice and great that you can now become a member of Clear. That way I can keep measuring. Looking forward to getting started for a year!

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