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Achmea and Clear.bio to make new diabetes care accessible

Achmea and Clear.bio make new diabetes care accessible

Improved health a step closer for people with type 2 diabetes

The Achmea Innovation Fund has taken a stake in Clear.bio. This HealthTech start-up helps people with type 2 diabetes to be “the best and healthiest version of themselves using data instead of pills”. Clear.bio has developed a digital self-help tool that makes it easy for users to put together the best, fully personalised diet and to follow it in their day-to-day lives.

Achmea is committed to Sustainable Living Together. This investment is in line with Achmea’s mission to solve social issues in the areas of health, living & working, mobility and income. Achmea achieves this with its strong brands – in this case Zilveren Kruis – to create value for society.

Healthier with data

Piet Hein van Dam, CEO and founder of Clear.bio: “Real-time biodata, a smart app and nutrition coaches (via the app) provide our users with 100% personal nutritional advice and 24/7 assistance to improve their eating habits and health at home themselves. We bring healthcare to the patient instead of the other way round. Digital healthcare solutions are the future: they are personalised, real-time, continuously available and give a much greater sense of control, wherever you are, even when you’re on holiday. We’re pleased with Achmea’s investment in Clear.bio. It’s great that in addition to Achmea, existing investors, such as Future Food Fund and Antler, are also involved in this round. This shows confidence.”

Katharina Maass, manager of Achmea Innovation Fund: “This is in keeping with our ambition to invest in affordable digital business models that help solve social issues, in this case relating to health. And of course, it also links with Zilveren Kruis’ mission to bring healthcare a step closer to all of us.”

Increase self-reliance and quality of life 

With the help of Zilveren Kruis and social partner Diabetesvereniging Nederland (the Dutch Diabetes Association), during the past six months Clear.bio has run two pilots with people with type 2 diabetes. The results of these first pilots are promising, measured against health, patient motivation and healthcare provision. Many participants were able to halt or improve their condition in three months. Participant, Karen Hosman (67): “Thanks to Clear.bio I’ve now got my blood sugars under control. I’ve lost 17 kilos in six months, going from a BMI of over 30 to 25. I feel healthier than ever.”

With more than one million people with type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands, this illness is a huge problem for society. And every week, thousands of new patients are added to this figure. This leads to rising healthcare costs and of course has a huge impact on the people themselves. Clear.bio teaches them to be more self-reliant and to improve their quality of life. In addition, it also reduces the burden on healthcare providers.