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Rijnmond Doctors takes a groundbreaking step for patients with type 2 diabetes with the digital diabetes dietitian Clear.bio

Rijnmond Dokters, as the first regional organization, takes a groundbreaking step towards patient-centered diabetes care with the digital diabetes dietitian Clear.bio. This allows patients with type 2 diabetes to take control of their disease. The test results from the pilot phase are impressive.

In the Clear.bio pilot, patients with type 2 diabetes not only gained more insight and control over their nutrition but also experienced a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels. After the treatment, 89% of the participants reported having more control over their diabetes. More than 70% achieved a noticeable reduction in their blood sugar levels (average of 1.15 mmol/L), and 75% saw a decrease in their HbA1c levels (13.9 mmol/mol).

Ferdinand van der Does, diabetes mellitus specialist at Rijnmond Doctors, emphasizes: “The fact that patients gain more insight and control is as important as the impressive HbA1c improvements.”

Innovative option for diabetes care

Regional organization Rijnmond Doctors takes the lead by integrating Clear.bio into their diabetes care chain on a permanent basis. This provides diabetes patients with a new approach to control their diabetes through the right dietary choices. Alzira, a diabetes patient at Rijnmond Doctors, says, “Clear.bio is very motivating. I now have more control over my diabetes.”

After the positive results of the pilot, Clear.bio has been included in the standard offering of the diabetes care program. The first patients have already been referred to Clear.bio through the regular process.

Rina Jansen, chronic care diabetes nurse consultant at Rijnmond Doctors, explains: “We are pleased that with Clear.bio, we can offer patients an innovative option for diabetes care, in line with our digitalization efforts at Rijnmond Doctors.”

Collaboration with Zilveren Kruis

Zilveren Kruis finances the diabetes care provided by Rijnmond Doctors, of which Clear.bio is a part. In close collaboration, Rijnmond Doctors continues to strive for high-quality and affordable general practitioner care through innovation. The digital diabetes treatment of Clear.bio seamlessly aligns with their joint mission to bring healthcare closer.

Arianne van Lavieren, healthcare innovation advisor at Zilveren Kruis, adds: “We closely follow the development of this new innovation. It’s great to see how Rijnmond Doctors is continuously working to empower patients and support them in improving their health. We are happy to contribute to that.”

About Rijnmond Dokters

Rijnmond Dokters is an organization of, for, and by general practitioners. Together with chain partners, they aim to support and realize the core tasks and ambitions of general practitioners. They do this based on their expertise in chronic care, elderly care, mental health, neighborhood collaboration, practice support, and digital care, with the goal of addressing important issues at the patient, neighborhood, and regional levels.

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