customer satisfaction

Complaints Procedure

Clear.bio believes it is important that you are satisfied with the quality of our services. Clear.bio tries to carry out the work as well as possible and to guarantee the quality. However, it is possible that you are less satisfied or even have a complaint. We take your complaint very seriously and are happy to find a solution together.

If you have a complaint about communication, participation or supervision during a treatment, you can contact your coach. Together you look for a solution. If you cannot resolve it together, the coach will send you a complaint form. We ask you to submit the complaint via this form and send it by email to info@clear.bio or by post to the headquarters of Clear Health B.V.: IJsbaanpad 2, 1076 CV Amsterdam.

In case of complaints that are not related to the treatment, you can let us know by mail (info@clear.bio), chat (www.clear.bio) or telephone (085-0605327). Your complaint will be processed and you will be contacted by telephone or email.

The Head of Operations will deal with the complaint. He will contact you within two weeks to discuss the complaint and look for a solution together with you. Clear.bio strives to guarantee and improve quality where necessary.

Clear Health B.V. has been affiliated with the Stichting Klachten & Geschillen Eerstelijnszorg (SKGE) from 1 January 2023. If you are dissatisfied with the solution offered, you can submit your complaint to an independent, impartial complaints officer of the SKGE. More information about this procedure can be found on the website: www.skge.nl.