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If you can’t lower your blood sugar with a diet…

Do you have prediabetes – the stage before diabetes (diabetes) – or type 2 diabetes? And you already tried several diets, but you are unable to control or lower your blood sugar levels? We explain you why.

The things you eat and drink affects your blood sugar

Words such as “blood sugar” and “diabetes” mainly refer to the blood sugar that rises due to eating sugar. That’s right. But it aren’t only the sugars that cause this increase. It is carbohydrates in general that raise your blood sugar after a meal. Sugar is a carbohydrate, but so is starch, for example. Your blood sugar value therefore not only rises after eating candy, cake or dessert, but also after eating a potato, bread, dairy products and legumes. Even vegetables can raise your blood sugar.

How far your blood sugar level rises, depends on the portion size, the order in which you eat, your DNA, your activity, how you sleep and your microbiome.

First of all, the portion size you eat. Are you a big eater and do you prefer to serve fried rice twice? Then your blood sugar level will probably rise more than someone who fills only a quarter of his plate with rice and supplements the rest with vegetables and chicken. Because the more carbohydrates you eat, the higher your blood sugar will rise.

In addition, one carbohydrate is not the other. Sugar is an example of a carbohydrate that is quickly digested by your body. This causes your blood sugar to rise too quickly. Carbohydrates from, for example, vegetables, legumes (such as lentils, chickpeas and soybeans) or whole grains are digested much less quickly and cause a slower rise in your blood sugar level.

Your blood sugar level also rises less quickly if you eat something that contains fats, proteins or fibers. For example, if you eat white bread with sweet spreads, your value will increase faster and more than if you eat bread with generous savory spreads.

But what about you then? What can you eat? How do you react to those fast carbs?

Everyone reacts differently to food

For a long time it was thought that everyone reacts the same to food. That means: a certain diet ensures that everyone gets the same result. But this isn’t true. This is how your DNA can influence this. If diabetes runs in your family, there is a chance that you will develop diabetes yourself. And that your sugar level reacts more strongly to carbohydrates from your diet.

In addition, factors such as lifestyle, activity, stress, illness, sleep and medications can influence the response of your blood sugar. This can be different for everyone. Making it impossible to prescribe a standard diet that works right away.

There are also indications that your microbiome (intestinal bacteria, viruses and yeasts in your body) influences your sugar metabolism. Little is known about this, but everyone has a different composition of their microbiome. The response of the microbiome to certain foods can be different for everyone.

Your reaction is therefore always personal! There is no standard diet that works the same for everyone.

Eat and measure and stay motivated!

You may have already tried several diets. But if the diet doesn’t suit your body, it won’t have any effect. This can decrease your motivation. And you may have made the wrong adjustments to your diet for such a diet.

For example, did you skip the nasi because it would raise your blood sugar? By measuring you can immediately see what happens to your blood sugar level. You gain insight into which food causes high peaks and low peaks. What works for you and what doesn’t work? If your measurements show that fried rice is not a problem, you can put it back on your menu with confidence. Maybe in a smaller portion with some extra vegetables to avoid a peak, but you can eat it anyway.

Knowing how you respond to food will help you adjust your diet in a way that you can maintain. It keeps you motivated.

See immediately what happens to your blood sugar with Clear.bio

With the Clear.bio sensor and app you can immediately see what is happening with your blood sugar level. You gain insight into which food causes high peaks and low peaks. In addition, our dietitians in the chat will personally help you to take the right steps.

What works for you and what doesn’t work? Learn from the results, make small adjustments to your diet and see the effect. Measuring is knowing!

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