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Insights after 300 Clear participants

Meanwhile, 300 participants have the Clear Nutrition program on an ongoing basis. We have an average of more than 1400 data points for all participants, from blood sugar measurements to nutrition and sports moments. We would like to provide insight into this data and, as a counterpart to all reporting during this period, we will explain a number of light-hearted facts.


We all react differently to food. Clear helps understand your body’s unique response to what you eat. By being able to collect the data, we can decide to do the best to get the recommended 2 pieces of fruit per day. The most logged foods are banana and apple and tangerine and pear are also in the top 10 most logged foods. For a daily portion of caffeine, our participants prefer cappuccino over black coffee. However, not everything that is logged is healthy, milk chocolate, beer and white wine are also in the top 10.

Blood sugar response

Your body responds to food, and we measure that with the blood sugar monitor. There are also other causes for a blood sugar origin, as we have received. Sport and stress are part of this, but an exciting film (‘1917’) also led to a peak in the blood sugar concentration for one of the participants. Yes, also nighttime sports activities are sometimes measurable in your blood sugar level. So you see, not every blood sugar spike is bad…

Blood sugar concentration per day

In the middle of the night (around 4 a.m.) the blood sugar concentration in the blood is lowest on average for all our participants. The highest blood sugar concentration is measured after lunch (around a quarter to 1). In addition, our participants like to sleep in for 1 to 1.5 hours on weekends; this can be seen in a later rise in blood sugar on these days. Finally, we have a high blood sugar concentration and we see a peak in the night from Saturday to Sunday (perhaps there is some snacking here and there at night 😉).

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