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The 5 Most Read Nutrition Facts for Type 2 Diabetes

Over the past few years, we’ve shared our nutrition facts with you with great care. It’s wonderful to see the interest and enjoyment they’ve generated. As a reflection, we present the top 5 most-read articles.

Whether you already know them or it’s a refreshing reminder, we wish you insightful reading!


1. Does Your Blood Sugar Stay Stable After Eating Oatmeal?

People react differently to food. What about oatmeal? Oatmeal is rich in nutrients and is often recommended for type 2 diabetes because it’s full of fiber, which helps slow down blood sugar spikes. But is it really true? Does your blood sugar remain stable after eating oatmeal?

Curious about the answer? Click here.


2. The 10 Worst Dishes for Your Blood Sugar and How to Improve Them

Our participants log their meals, and we evaluate them based on blood sugar patterns. Keeping your blood sugar stable helps prevent the risk of an energy dip. Although these 10 meals cause a strong spike, many enjoy them. Therefore, we provide tips on how to improve these meals, increasing the likelihood that they’ll be good for you.

Want to know more? Click here.


3. Are Bananas as Healthy as They’re Claimed to Be?

Bananas. Tasty and healthy according to many. They have a sweet taste and contain various vitamins, fibers, and minerals. But… are those bananas really good for your blood sugar?

In this blog, we show how blood sugar can react after eating a banana and how, with the Clear Food Score, you can instantly see if a meal is good or not so good for you. Click here.


4. How to Control Your Blood Sugar? 10 Tips

If you have (pre)diabetes, it’s important to keep your glucose levels in check. This can help prevent the need for (more) medication and future complications. But how do you create a good meal, and what else can you do to control your blood sugar?

We provide you with 10 tips here.


5. If You Spike on a Banana, Do You Also Spike on an Apple?

“Fruit juice is healthier than cola,” says one. “No, fruit juice has just as much sugar as cola,” says another. What’s really true? Discover it in this article.


Want to know what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink to keep your blood sugar stable? Join Clear.bio or ask your healthcare assistant for information.